The Best Vintage Hairstyles

Written By: Rebecca Lori - Aug• 16•12

Something very exciting has happened recently. Not only has vintage fashion become de jour but also vintage hairstyling. Having a shampoo and set will no longer make you look like a pensioner or like you’re wearing fancy dress… it now looks pretty cool to be honest.

It looks great with ‘modern’ clothes too – there’s something quite exciting about combining loose victory rolls with denim shorts and a pair of hi-tops, it’s a look that shouldn’t work at all, but for some reason it just does. Vintage hair is here to stay and whether you have long or short hair, it’s a look that can totally work for you…what have you got to lose?

These are our favourite styles:



Quiff – Photo by Glamour

Possibly the easiest vintage style to create; the 50s rockabilly-style quiff has always been cool and edgy. It looks great on both men and women and it also works on both short and long hair. Having a quiff will add a little edge to your look without being too try-hard, it’s dead easy to do too.


If you have short hair you can backcomb the front section, slick it back and pouf it forward. Long hair needs a little more work – you’ll need to create two partings just above mid-eyebrow, take the middle section, comb through and hold upwards, backcomb the roots from back to front, twist the end, push forward and clip with two bobby pins creating an ‘x’ shape, finally you’ll need to spray with lots of hairspray.

Bettie Page Fringe

Bettie Page Fringe

Bettie Page Style Fringe – Photo by: The Glamourous Life

Bettie Page was famous for many things, but the one thing that she is renowned for, which has made her a style icon, is her unusual bangs (or fringe). Her raven hair with loose waves was offset with a sharp rounded fringe which was significantly shorter on the sides and longer in the centre. Many people have replicated this look over the years – it’s a strong style which makes a huge statement. Ordinary hairstyles look extraordinary when Bettie bangs are added.


If you’re too afraid to go for the chop then you can try a fake Bettie fringe – you’ll need a hair doughnut to wrap the hair around and tuck under with bobby pins. Otherwise go to a reputable vintage hair salon that understands retro hairstyles – normal hair salons tend to not understand this look! Ask for a Bettie fringe and they will know exactly what you mean.

Probably best to not try this at home as it requires super sharp scissor precision!

Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls – Photo by: Model Mayhem

This gorgeous 1940s style was allegedly named after the victorious rolls that the planes performed after WWII – how cool is that? This is a fantastic versatile look which you can incorporate into your hair when it is up or down. You can wear the rolls on one side for a subtle look or both sides for real vintage statement!


Create a side parting and comb hair through. Lift the smaller section of hair at the front and around the halfway mark you want to start rolling the hair tightly around your finger. Once this is completed you need to slip the roll from your finger and continue rolling until it is tight against your head. Secure with lots of hairspray and bobby pins. Repeat on the other side. This look takes a lot of practice so don’t be too frustrated if it doesn’t work the first time!



Beehive Hairstyle – Photo by Scissors Hair Blog

When you think of the 60s the first thing you’ll probably visualise is a girl with a beehive dancing in front of wall of psychedelic swirling patterns…no? Maybe it’s just us then. The beehive is the symbol of the 60s and to this day it provides a classic and elegant style that suits all face shapes. It isn’t difficult either – you’ll just need a ton of hairspray, handful of bobby pins and a tail comb.


Using the ‘tail’ of your comb, section off your hair across the middle of your head to your ears  – keep the front piece separate from the back section of the hair at this point. Take the back section of the hair from the crown, lift a layer of hair and pull forward, start backcombing the hair till it stands up and work through the entire back section of the hair, spraying with a strong-hold hairspray as you go. Smooth the front section of the hair over the backcombed area and secure with bobby pins. You can use the tail of your comb to lift sections of the beehive to create extra height too.

Good luck creating these styles! If you’re finding these styles impossible and you want a great place to go to get your barnet beautiful, have a look at the best salons in London that cater for vintage hairstyles.

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  1. I think these hairstyles are fantastic! I wouldn’t combine the beehive with my rockabilly clothing but the others (especially the Quiff and Victory Rolls) I need to implement into my daily routine. thanks!

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